Friday, February 26, 2010

New Low/No Budget Camera:

Photographers and videographers alike have stood in awe over the last fourteen months, since Canon and Nikon (and Panasonic, the list is growing by the minute) have been releasing groundbreaking DSLRs that record HD video that is breathtaking. I remember friends ooohing and aaahing over the potential locked in the Nikon D90. Then, in January, 2009 came the Canon 5D, which was blowing minds because of its sensor, megapixels, and ISO capabilities. We shot Meditations on Beethoven on the 5D, and were taken aback by the footage it yielded (far beyond our expectations. I myself invested in a Canon 7D in September, and have been pleased ever since.

So, for all you indie filmmakers looking for an affordable HD camera, meet Canon's 550D, Rebel T2i. It's gorgeous, and coming in at just under $800 for the body:


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